Nokia releases Qt 4.5

Nokia has release Qt 4.5, improving on such features as the QtWebKit module (embedding Apple’s WebKit in to Qt applications), the Qt Creator GUI IDE application, performance improvements, 64bit Cocoa support, and lots of other small improvements.


More information is available at

This all seems very good news for existing customer of QT but cross platform GUI development is something that I am really against, as native UIs always have significant advantages. Not least the guidelines for developing for that operating system is always easier when using native controls.

There is also a very important feeling that one gets when using an application rendered with native controls that doesn’t seem to exist with other solutions, QT included.

Take for example Opera, although their branding is very good, and the application is well thought out, it just doesn’t feel as tight as a windows application, when you use the file menu it lacks certain important features such as the underline so that you know that you can use the alt shortcut keys.

On the Mac the controls in the menu’s and particularly the bottom bar just don’t line up properly.

Its a great browser, its just a pity that it doesn’t feel native.

Opera, it should be noted, is not based on QT, they have their own layer, much like Adobe has theirs (with of course the known problems associated with it).

This is a topic that I intend to expand upon in an upcoming post.

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